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Hello! Hola! Hej! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Buon Giorno! Privet! Jambo! Sawa Dee-ka! Sawubona!

Welcome to Day Dream! This is pretty much a blog for me and my friends where I'll try and upload one of our awesome pictures every day! We use just about anything, like MS Paint, Paintshop, or Picnik. I hope you like them! If you have any questions, comments, or want to submit your own awesome picture, you can email me at digigabumon@aol.com. Enjoy the site!

~9-09-10~ Suicide Prevention Week! *Fat J Biebz*

Hey guys, I know it's Suicide Prevention Week and all, but...if you look and this and feel the need...well just go ahead and do it. This picture is about the biggest collection of people I hate...with random bodies of course!

~9-09-10~ Flowerz! *Picnik Flowers*

Well, here's another Picnik picture today! This one's not really funny or disturbingly bloody, but it ended up looking ok! I actually took this on a pretty cheap digital camera, so it's pretty awesome that it ended up looking like this! =D

~9-09-10~ Meh Dog Bear! *Camo Dog*

Here's my first Picnik upload so far, of my dog Bear! He farts a lot...anyway...hope you like it!

~9-08-10~ Centaurs had Babies Too! *Centaur Baby*

My depiction of a Centaur Baby! And don't forget, September is Baby Safety Month! Keep those babies well armed and safe!

~9-07-10~ Last Post of the Day! *PANDA BLAST!!!*

So this is probably one of the most amazing pictures ever, made by my friend. DO NOT MESS WITH A PANDA!!!

~9-07-10~ It's Pronounced "Tape-yer". *God Tapir*

If you have never heard of Tapir before, then you are a sad, sad soul. They are pretty much the most amazing animal on this planet. They're also another one of our obsessions! P.S....If you call it a "Taper"....well... just don't do it.

~9-07-10~ More Maisy... *Maisy vs. Billy Ray Cyrus*

Well, here's Maisy again, this time killing Billy Ray Cyrus with an RPG! The brain falling out of the back of skull adds a much needed detail to this one. To be honest, I really hope this is how he dies...

~9-07-10~ First Post! *Legion of Maisy*

Here's the first Post on Day Dream! This one is based on one of our hundred's of obsessions: MAISY MOUSE. As you can see, Maisy is a fallen angel bent on the death and destruction of others! Yay! This one's my brother's, but look forward to plenty of Maisy pictures....



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